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Yes I received it. It is absolutely a gem. Everything I expected and more, no kidding. I have 5 SG Gibsons, an Explorer, a Les Paul and this guitar is so much fun to play. I took it right from the package to band practice and had an inspired night because it sounds so much different than my other guitars. However, just so you know. I fully intend to not only buy another from you very soon but recommend you. As a retailer that depends on positive feedback and referrals. I have to share this with you guy to guy. Part of what set you apart was the detailed set up of the guitar. I will enjoy this axe for years, and I`m dead serious about buying another, probably black with gold hardware. A very happy and satisfied player, will be a repeat customer no question. Thanks for all your help and support. Well done. P.S. I have an ebay store as a power seller with great feedback.

Greg Symbaluk • ST.ALBERT, ALBERTA • CANADA • T8N-5E2

Hi Rick,

I got the guitar yesterday and have been playing it since it arrived. Mission accomplished, I love the width at the nut as expected. No more unintentional mute of the B string, etc. Plugged it into my rig consisting of Mesa Studio Pre, SimulClas 295, stereo Marshall cabs, Korg A3 & Electro-Harmonix boxes. The pickups sound incredible, much wider tone control than other guitars I've played, the tone is just outstanding and is extraordinary even compared to an active setup, just like you said. Obviously the guitar is beautiful also, and the neck is just a work of art. The intonation is perfect and action is very low, It's completely awesome !!

Scottie Elliott • Kingwood Drive • Takoma Park, MD 20912

WOW! The neck was just delivered to my office and it looks FABULOUS!!! Feels great, too..."unplugged". Can't wait to get it home and get it back on the Tele... Rick, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the quality neck shaving work, blazingly fast turnaround and unbelievable customer service. Count me as a huge fan, and a very satisfied customer. Can't wait to do business with you again! Thanks again.

Bob rcwhite49@gmail.com • MCDONOUGH, GA 30253

Rick, I am a very happy customer, so I wanted to give you a testimonial you can use on your website or eBay auctions: "Rick, I am LOVING the guitar you made for me. It sounds great, looks great, plays like a dream, and stays in tune. Can't ask for much more than that!" Thank You.

Bill Bronchick, ESQ.• bill@bronchick.com• Denver, CO

Just had to tell you guys,

I've been playing since '68, had a bunch of stringed instruments over the years and probably am more than just a little obsessed with guitars. (But who isn't, right?) And though I've never been a Tele guy, I guess I just never saw one like this! It's about as close to perfection as a guitar can get. Its got everything I could want, the neck scale, the pickups, the Bigsby and the colors, it's all just right on.

Just, Wow!

Brice Harrison •  NYC • NY

Hi Rick,

You are right, I do love it. The guitar looks great, it feels fantastic and it sounds brilliant. Unfortunately, that's given me a problem. I need 2 guitars and I don't even want to touch my old one since your guitar arrived this morning. Which means that I'll have to buy another HAYWIRE guitar,so I'm getting straight on to your e-bay shop as soon as I've written this.

Thanks again Rick for a great guitar.

Dave Garcia • Perth, Western Australia

I just bought a Haywire custom Strat via e-bay and I am one happy guitar player. It is just as advertised: It is a dream to play and hold and is absolutely beautiful. This is my first experience with a Strat. My other guitars are a Gibson ES-135 and a Gibson acoustic SJN that I've had since 1964. So this Strat is a new thing for me, and I'm having a blast! The action is quite low, and I need to get used to it,(or raise it), and my fingers really fly. The neck has the most beautiful custom inlay that was crafted just perfectly. I love it!

Paul Blum

I finally got the guitar last week but I was working up north so, yes, more waiting. The guitar looks and plays amazing as you assured me. It looks so clean and feels like a Les Paul should. I am very happy I sent it you for setup and repair and look forward to doing future business with you. Thanks again Rick! You resurrected a neglected instrument and I will definitely be showing it off!!

Mike Melvin

Haywire Strat 335

I have the solid body, neck-through, 24 fret version of this model and it is one heck of a great guitar. I've been playing for 45 years and have owned them all i guess and this guitar blows the rest away. it has a super strat feel but also an SG Supreme vibe as well as it has a stop tail piece and dual humbuckers. the neck is nice and flat and wide which again gives the feel of the SG Supreme. the guitar is comfortable and not too heavy but still produces nice thick and creamy sounds. the attention to detail with Rick's guitars is quite impressive. the locking tuners are a great example of this detail. the guitar is a work of art purely from an aesthetics point of view but is also a seriously well-built guitar. A professional instrument by anyone's definition. I've talked to Rick several times since i purchased this guitar and his idea of customer service should be a model for the industry. Spread the Word! these are incredible values in today's over-priced world of guitars...

By: Terry Murphy on January 28, 2012 at 09:55 AM • Cogan Station, PA 17728

Rick ,

Once again I wanted to thank you for your amazing work building my Black Mamba. This instrument is truly a work of art! You have been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. I absolutely love the abalone inlays, both on the neck and in the knobs. Thanks so much for suggesting that I go with them. Those, along with the AAA Birds-Eye Maple neck really do set it off as a very unique guitar.... Uniquely MINE!!

The set-up is perfect. And your attention to detail is superb! As advertised this is a "Gig-Ready" guitar. The neck and action are smoother than anything I've ever played. And the combination of the SRV pickups with the EXG and SPC give this baby such a wide range of tones and personalities, I'm thinking of naming her Sybil! She goes from a soft and sweet baby doll to a flame throwing she-devil with the flick of a wrist. I LOVE IT!

I will definitely be recommending you to anybody I know that may be in the market for a new guitar. Dollar for dollar this was by far the best value out there. I could not have gone anywhere and bought an instrument with half the features I wanted for the same price you gave me on this one with everything I asked for (and a few extras)!

Hopefully early next year I'll be ready to have you start a new project. That Great Bigsby Tele has really got my attention. Of course, I'd have you add a few modifications, but I know it would be a magnificent axe. Keep up the good work! I'll be in touch.


Brian Bartlett • Cumming, GA

I did my first gig with the new baby! It was a One Tree Hill gig at a men's recovery center in Dahlonega, GA.

Both Mambas were amazing, and having one to compliment the other is an awesome combination. There was a guy there who plays and he was admiring your work. he even came back and told me that he went to your website. He was very impressed! And, I am one VERY PROUD 2-TIME HAYWIRE OWNER!!!!!

I'm attaching a picture that might work for your website. Again, I can't do the guitars justice if I'm in the picture with them, but this one came out OK. I'll keep taking more as gigs come up.

Thanks Rick for everything!

Brian Bartlett • Atlanta, Georgia


I just had to write you this morning to tell you how much I appreciate all the extras you did for me building my "blues machine" - I've been playing it for a little over a week now just taking it in, and I must say it is without a doubt the best, nicest, coolest guitar I ever had!  The character of this thing is just awesome - it keeps revealing new tones and nuances - and I just love it Dude.  You're right those pick-ups do ring like a bell...  I love everything about it, the tone, sustain, setup - perfect intonation everything.  I've only been playing it through my Blues Cube 60 so far - and what a perfect match!

Oh, and what a looker - she is just "beautimous"!  Dude, the ebony fret-board is awesome - thank you so much!  Having only played off the rack Fenders in the past, I think I can say that this is the only strat I will play for years - I really love this guitar!  Thanks again Rick - your fine work is very much appreciated.

I'll send you a picture from the first gig - thanks again Rick!


Mark Ahuna •Mooresville , NC

Hi Rick,

Sorry it took so long to write but i just can't put her down, its beautifully made the craftsmanship that went into this magnificent guitar is overwhelming. Thanks for talking me into the soft V neck with the conical radius- its outstanding. The pickups with their " vintage" sound are just what I wanted, I like to bend while playing old Stones mid 60's songs and Otis Rush tunes. I just can't put it down. The sounds are smooth & sweet thank you so very much. I'll be calling around May or June, tax return time to get a custom tele made. You do know I'll never go back to my Music shop to buy ever again. Thanks it is fantastic! I just keep smiling. Thank you so much RICK!


Robert Conway • McAlester,Oklahoma

 Hey Rick,

You were right. I don't want to put this bass down!  Even though I've only been playing a year, I've played on about 8 other basses. This one you made is definitely the best. It even beats out my Fender Jazz Fret less that also has a Warmoth Neck, and I Love that Fret less. The guys in my office think this P-bass sounds the best of the bunch, too, and I quite agree. It sounds and feels great! Plus it is a real beauty to boot! I may even be able to sell a couple of other basses that I've been sitting on since I'd rather play this one. The sound through my small practice amp is so great that I can't wait to try it and hear it on a full size amp with some power.

If I had to stretch and come up with a criticism, it would be that this bass has too much sustain for a P-bass (at least in my opinion). I know that I need to get better at muting the strings, but what a great problem to have....A bass that sustains too much! Instruments should not only be well crafted, but be works of art unto themselves. This one surely is. I am already thinking ahead to have you build me another one....Maybe next year! I'll keep in touch.


Russ Annixter • New York City

Dear Rick,

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you about Baby’s debut. The blues band that I play with did a show in Frankenmuth, Michigan (about 30 minutes from where I live in Saginaw) that was to be for their annual auto show, but it turned into an auto show-hurricane relief bash. We raised a tidy sum. Anyway, Baby behaved beautifully. She is easily the brightest guitar I own which backs off to a gorgeous shimmer for rhythm playing. For full on lead work the neck pickup can’t be beat. It is exactly what I expected it to be and then some.

I accidentally forgot two of the guitars I was going to bring my Godin guitar to the job for synth and acoustic stuff and another Fender guitar I have used for 20 years. So along with my Strat strung with .011 to .052 for slide and Baby that was all I had to do the show.

Our drummer’s wife (who rarely says anything) described my playing as “on fire” I told her I was just inspired. I know I've thanked you many times before, but I feel like I need to thank you again. This guitar will be a part of my blues arsenal for a long time to come. I'm sure I'll get restless soon and get a hair up there to start another project. When I do, I'll let you know.

David Cline • Saginaw, Michigan

Hi Rick,

This last one is classically beautiful!!! Absolutely reeks timeless Strat, but has a distinctive personal touch. Perfect Job!!! Now I am dying to get these other two here I ordered from you. I like what you said ... A "bevy of beauties", and that's what these 3, now 4 guitars from you represent to me. I now have a bona fide "collection" of exact Strats I've always envisioned, and you were just the person to make it all happen for me.

Working with you on these was a pleasure, and the first Instrument told me exactly you were the right man for the job. Your attention to detail and your professionalism has been tremendous and I am a very happy customer indeed.

What you do is art, as that is what I do too ... and there won't be one day these guitars are not appreciated for the artisan craftsmanship and genuine care that went into them. I learned a great deal in putting the parts together, and having the right person do this for me was extremely important. Organizing materials and specifying construction is what I do for a living, and I appreciate your compliments on how I prepared this job for you because in this case, playing beautiful guitars is something I love.

Count on me always staying in touch, and keeping you informed of new projects for myself, and certainly I will recommend you to my friends or anyone. Should you need references or testimonials for you and Haywire I won't hesitate to provide them at anytime. In addition, if you need me to help you out with any photo montage color studies for potential customers, I would be glad to assist you.

These 3 guitars are simply gorgeous and you are the best!!!

Anthony • Bridgeport, CT

Rick the guitar is amazing! I'm still playing with the tone as I'm use to having a double humbucker on the bridge but I'm sure I'll get the right combo. Again thank you!

Grace & Peace,

Troy in Westminster, MD

 Hi Rick,

Hey mate the little beauty arrived this morning, she look’s stunning and sounds bloody superb, the pickups are wonderful. The quality of your work is absolutely first class and I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone, the set up is spot on , this is a guitar I will love for the rest of my life, thank you so much for sending me something so beautiful, you are a credit to your craft.

Very kind regards, Bon (John Thomas) • Australia      

Hey Rick,

Here is something below for your website, but it is really straight from the heart! You can cut and paste it on your site!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about buying any guitar without actually being able to play it before I purchased it. However, after meeting you and playing a couple of gigs with you in the past, I was blown away by your style and awesome playing ability. Last week, I decided to do a little research on your company online to see what other people had to say about Haywire Custom Guitars. I was very impressed to say the least!

After talking to you about the specifications that I had in mind, I realized that you were the one to build my new custom guitar. Yesterday, I received it in perfect condition. I plugged it into my old Fender Twin Reverb, and was totally blown away by every aspect of the guitar.

I can't imagine how any company could possibly create a better playing or sounding instrument. Over the past twenty years, I have played, bought, and sold many guitars, but I won't be selling this one! I have never played an "Off The Shelf" instrument that even comes close to my new Haywire. Thanks Rick, for your time, effort, and great craftsmanship!

Mike Lynch • North Carolina


I got my baby back as promised on Thursday and used it on the gig I played Friday!! I have been is seventh heaven ever since. You are a master and a saint!! It plays better than before and people melt when they see the it. I can't thank you enough for the stunning job that you did!! I called Russ and thanked him over and over for bringing you into my world!! The bass is a masterpiece!! I have 2 other vintage Fender basses that I want to send to you. I am sad to report that they are not in this years budget and far less in need of the overhaul that you did on Mr Seafoam. I will spread your name in NYC like wildfire!! Please use my bass on your website as I would hope that it is worthy of standing next to the Haywire masterpieces that you make from scratch.

I would like to steal a quote from Arnold when I say that " I will be back"!

Best regards,

Tim Mule • New York City


The " Tommy Long Special" is a very fine guitar!!!!! Once again (now that I Played it) You guy`s at Haywire are excellent luthiers and after playing for 28 years, I can definitely say that you and your corporation are comparable to the Fender Custom Shop!!!!   Thank`s Again for the building of a one of a kind Strat!!

Tom Perlongo • Milwaukee, Ws.

 Hi Rick,

As a Strat lover, I've owned several, but I've never owned one with the quality and workmanship of my newest Haywire custom Strat. It's also a very unique guitar with beautiful customization. Haywire did an awesome job setting up my Strat specifically for me and it plays like a dream!

Dwayne Johnson • Kansas City, MO

Hi Rick,

Great tone and playing it feels great. This is the first good guitar that I have owned, and I am glad I finally purchased it. It also looks fantastic. Great job and thanks again.

Michael Drews • Woodbury, MN

Heya Rick !

Its been about 2 months with the new guitar and I just wanted to say its been nothing short of a dream guitar. I had been toying with the idea of buying the Strat and then an LP studio to accompany it but after playing this guitar I know an LP will just be a let down. Been toying around with home recording and posted some stuff to MySpace, ( http://www.myspace.com/k2mia ) - including a plug for haywire guitars in each of the liner notes. :) Thanks again, and I will continue to spread the word.

Andrew Cowan • Reidsville, NC


I wanted to take a few moments & tell you that I really appreciate your skill & craftsmanship as a guitar builder . Your guitars are quite simply the best I have ever played. Every time I take one to a jam or gig I get compliments all night long on the great tone as well as the stunning looks of the instruments you built for me. They are a joy to play & are exactly the way I want them to be. I will be a customer for life. I’m glad were friends.

Carl E. Sperry, Jr. • Little River,SC

Its arrived at last Rick. It's beautiful, the neck is sooo slim and gorgeous. One question though, if the strings are a little too low and do I simple use an Allen key to raise the saddles a little ? Well… in England we call it an Allen key you probably refer to it as some thing else. Its as gorgeous as you said and a dream to play I'm so pleased.


Danny • Devonshire, England

HI RIck.

OK so, I got the guitar at the morning(Wednesday) and went home to check, the guitar and as you say is a serious instrument, definitely it is. I love the action it's so good I realy feel the guitar is a part of me. I'm very surprised with the neck, wow.. she is perfect!!! all together with the perfect body of the TELE-you created a AAA fender telecaster. well done, again thank you Rick

Yaki Mazor • Tel Aviv, Israel


This is one a hell of a guitar. I've been on a road trip for about three days, and although I'm traveling with a Brook travel guitar, I'm really missing the (Grand Marshall)!!! It is, without a doubt, the most pleasurable electric guitar I've ever played. Others are fun, of course, and I own a number of them, but this one keeps inviting me to pick it up and . . create. I haven't yet adjusted the action at all, and it does still have a little too much string slap for me, but my gosh, what a fine instrument -- the tone is superb, the neck is a joy, the feel of the instrument just shouts "quality," and everything just works perfectly.

Danny Marshall

Hey Rick,

I just received the guitar yesterday, the postal system is sometimes a little slow to get things over here. I love it already and it plays like a dream! Thank you very much for all your hard work and effort!


Grant Spanier • San Francisco, CA

Hello Rick,

I'm sorry for the delay. I was waiting for my son's birthday. I received the guitar and as my son says it is Awesome! Most of all, he is very satisfied with pickups and sound it makes. Body and weight of the guitar are also unique. He likes to play "this new guitar" because it is so light. Even though he has one guitar with similar body this one makes his playing much easier he says. Everything looks so nice!! Thank you again for this unique piece.

Juraj & Juraj Farkas • Elizabeth, New Jersey

Hello Rick,

First at morning i went to the postal office, and got the Tele. You made a professional instrument, in every single fret's the sound absolutely astonishing. This one you made is definitely the best, you are professional Rick. Working with you it's pleasure, and the first Instrument told me exactly you were the right man to work with. Your attention to detail and your professionalism has been

tremendous and I am a very happy customer indeed. it's alway's pleasure to work with you. Thank you again.

Jackob.M Israel

 Hello Rick !

I received guitar ,Thank so much ! My son loves it! You did unbelievable job on this guitar. I'm going to leave super positive feedback about You and your shop. One more time Thank You for your honest business. God bless You !


Pavel Gud • Amsterdam, Holland

Dear Rick,

I received the guitar today. You were right. It looks great and sounds even better. I have been playing it nonstop, totally clean, but also using a lot of my favorite effect combinations. It is a pleasure to play, you did a great job on the neck. Thanks again for building this beauty and for your generous spirit and support.

Tao • New York, NY

Hi Rick,

What can I say, the guitar is fantastic. It feels like it was made for me. The neck is prefect, and the action is supple and responsive. I love the ash body - it's so light! I'm going to be putting in alot of hours on this girl, so I'm glad it's so comfortable to play. I've had many guitars over the years, but this is my first strat, and I'm glad I waited. The case is great to - very skoocum (tough)...and light too!

Thank you so much for your help with the tracking. Looks like it was another case of our silly Customs department taking their sweet time. So much for free trade. Oh well, it's here! and I'm very excited.

Thanks again,

Rob • Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Rick,

Ok…I was supposed to receive a nice guitar with a nice sound, etc. But I received a real GEM instead. You’ve made a superb instrument, and I have never had a guitar like this on my hands. Thank you forever.

Fabian • Buenos Aries • Argentina

Hey Rick!

I got the guitar and I love it. It sounds awesome. Everything about it is perfect. Thanks for everything. I'm at work so sorry for this being short. Thanks again,

Les Gaverluk • Port Colborne, Ontario

Hey Rick!

Sorry it took me a bit to sit down and right this email. I've been to pre-occupied playing and recording this GEM of a guitar :) you're a wonderful craftsman and I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future purchases! This guitar is absolutely beautiful, it’s exactly what I expected. It is an amazing guitar and its working wonderfully with my studio. Thanks a lot for building this for me! I’ll be heading to college soon for audio production and this guitar is going to BLOW them away :) the black hardware and black body just look amazing, it makes me smile every time. As soon as I record a few final tracks I’ll send them your way I’ll give you feedback on ebay tonight as well but for now, back to the studio!! Thanks Again!

Michael Liesenfelder • Wausau, WI

Hello Rick,

Just a quick note to tell you that I received the Tele today. This guitar is simply Awesome! Looks great, Sounds great, and plays like a dream. Love it man... If I run into anyone looking for their "next guitar" I will send them your way...


Eddie Perritt • Winston-Salem, NC

Dear Rick,

Fantastic! I bought this as a back up to my other strat, and it has blown that one out of the water.

Dominic Rippel • New York, NY

USPS was very efficient this week. The axe arrived today to my pleasant surprise. First impressions, I'm blown away at how nice this looks and sounds. The neck is wonderful, the weight is just right. It's aesthetically and physically well balanced. I can see myself playing through long sets without feeling fatigued. Initially out of the box, the strings buzzed but that was because the action was very low, strings almost touching the frets. Maybe the neck shifted a bit in transit? Neck looks okay though. Is that the truss adjuster on the side of the neck? I adjusted the bridge to bring the action up to my specs and it feels great. I think I'm going to get spoiled by this neck. Chord tones have a nice shimmer to them when strummed, single notes punchier than I'm used to, most likely due to the EMG's which sound nicer than Gibson '57 humbuckers. It's feels funny to go back to a standard strat after playing this guitar. Well, those are my first impressions. I'm going to play it at a jam session this weekend, that will be the true test. I have a feeling it's going to be a real blast to play. I'll call you Monday and let you know how it all went.

Best Regards,

Eddie Lastra

Tim Mulé April 17, 2010 at 10:39pm



      The guitar came in today. It is a very, very good looking piece of equipment! I played it all afternoon and I love it. It is a fast picking-hot sounding-country-chicken-pickin- super-dupper-hog-back-hemi-deluxe. I was playing it through a twin reverb amp and could get multiple different type tones out of the three pickups on this Nashville Tele. I really like the guitar and will be showing it off to a whole bunch of guitar playing fools. Expect some calls.

 Thank you

Dave Morrison • 20455 BIA 2



Sorry for the delay, have been tied up for a few days. I received the guitar last Friday, could hardly wait to open the package.  By the way, the postal service delivered it in fine shape, and the packaging was great.

What a beautiful guitar.  After taking it out of the packaging, I did a quick tune up and it was ready to go. I Spent several hours playing it, fooling around with different amp setting/pick-up selections, and basically just having fun with this excellent guitar.  Really like the Warmoth neck too, and the setup is perfect.

Thanks again for the time you spent talking with me about guitars and answering my questions.  Also, I wanted to let you know that after thinking about it, I don't need the "whammy bar" as we discussed - would likely never use it and I appreciate your guidance and suggestions about it.

Thank you for the amazing guitar.

Bill Rosenberry

Dear Rick,

The guitar arrived Monday. This is a fantastic guitar! Thanks. your work is excellent. The finish on the body is first-rate and the neck is superb. The guitar plays easily, and that makes me a better player. Music flows a lot better when you don't have to fight the instrument. The only thing I might find fault with is the lack of a whammy bar and a ready-to-play trem. But that seems minor stacked against the guitar. This is an excellent guitar. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another from you.  

I appreciate the fine instrument, the workmanship, the price and the prompt delivery.

Best wishes,

Ray Johnson

Hi Rick,

 I was worried that I would be too heavy-handed for a guitar with "super low action" as you described...

 But, my worries were unfounded.  Wow!  I love the playability of the this guitar.  So much easier, now I can play longer without fatigue.

 Never dreamed I'd own a fine instrument like this.  Everything sounds perfect and you really made a stunning guitar.

 Problem is, now I have to practice more often to upgrade my playing to match the beauty of this excellent guitar...but, that will be fun!

 Thank You,

 Scott Denman • spdenman@aim.com

Hi Rick,

The guitar arrived in perfect condition. I have played it for a few hours already and I am having a lot of trouble putting it down. I can`t believe the set-up and quality of the instrument vs the cost. You should be charging a lot more for your instruments. The set up is fantastic. I've been playing for over 40 years and played at least 100 different guitars and this guitar is one of the best ever. Thanks for making and old guy happy.

Thanks again,


Rolf Laurin <rlaurin@abbacomm.net>

Dear Rick,

It arrived looking factory fresh and it is stunning.

It has a sunburst gloss finish medium light alder body and a vintage maple '59 roundback neck. Rick Mariner is very precise in describing his guitars, but that does not prepare you for how beautifull his instruments sound, look and feel.

He is obviously passionate about his work, and wants his customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase.

Such great attention to detail, with your guitars, your customers needs and communication is second to none.

That's why I bought another Haywire Custom Guitar just a few weeks after buying the first.

I strongly recommend Haywire Custom Guitars to anyone thinking of buying a guitar.

All the best Rick,

I hope your business goes great,you really deserve it.

Dave Garcia.

Perth • Western Australia.

Dear Rick,

I am the proud owner of two Haywire Custom Guitars. They are fine instruments! The excellent craftsmanship, superb play-ability, and overall beauty make them tops on my list. Keep up the good work at Haywire Custom Guitars!!

Doug Campbell in Chesterfield, SC • August 27, 2008

I am so glad I found Haywire Custom Guitars in my search for a quality instrument.Their attention to detail and construction are second to none in my view. As for Rick Mariner, what a great guy.His genuine concern and enthusiasm in the process of getting everything the way I wanted in my guitar says it all. That man put the stamp on customer service.I practice and play guitar more than I ever have thanks to my Haywire Custom Stratocaster. I am very satisfied with my purchase and have plans for another in the future.

October 06, 2008 by Rod Sollenberger in Carlisle, PA

If you need any type of guitar repair, no matter how big or difficult the job is, you would do best to contact Haywire Guitars in Conway, SC. Rick Mariner is the founder of this great guitar repair shop and is friendly, courteous, and always attentive to the the customer's needs and wants. Rick will always go the extra mile to make your guitar repair first rate and sound and play better than ever. He is also extraordinarily fast in turning around all repairs and is very quick to ship back to you. I can't recommend this merchant enough for all guitar players/collectors.

September 12, 2008 by Carl Wolf in Alexandria, VA

I couldn't be happier with my killer new Haywire "Telestrater" guitar,...it clearly surpasses all 4 of my other electrics including my ES-175D, Fender Strat and Les Paul,...I never thought I could make that statement until now,....the fit, finish, intonation, EMG Select pickups and sweet Warmoth neck is as good as it gets,........Rick Mariner is a true craftsman, luthier and an exceptionally great guitarist to boot,....It's a no brainer where I'll get my next guitar,...Rock On Rick,...and Haywire Custom Guitars!

August 27, 2008 by Tim Richey in Crestview, FL

After playing some of Rick's guitars, I was impressed with the appointments, the action, the polished paint jobs and his attention to detail. I entrusted my prized 70's Fender Precision to him which was in dire need of restoration from my 20 years of regular use. Rick went above and beyond expectations. I was going to keep it as a secondary instrument, but found myself using it as a primary once again. I couldn't help it; it plays, looks and sounds so much better. And I get so many compliments, it's ridiculous. Thanks Rick, you are the best. I couldn't recommend anyone more.

Eli Weed, The SeaWeedz • http://www.theseaweedz.com/

Mr. Rick Mariner built a guitar for me. He calls it The Haywire335 Strat.Well, it turns out to be the very best guitar I have ever owned. The Gibson ES350 and the ES-175 I owned are very good guitars and this Haywire 335 Strat feels and plays better. I am amazed. Have played guitar for 62 years(10 of those years professionally) and this guitar is the most outstanding of them all.

Thank you Rick Mariner

Joseph Lo Grande • 201 High Meadow Terrace • Abingdon, Maryland • 21009

Mark Doeglas

I've had this beauty for a week now, it plays very well sounds great and looks so good it almost hurts :)

October 03, 2011 by Mark Doeglas-9724AW GRONINGEN Netherlands

Hi Rick,

I received the guitar today and I have only one word to say...... INCREDIBLE!

This thing plays as good if not better than my Les Paul and sounds better too which is no surprise as it always had better tone than any of my guitars. Thanks for the attention to detail on the neck and the finish. I would honor being any kind of reference for you and I will certainly pass your name around for those who are in need of your services.

I will be in touch with you on future setups and a tele build.

Thank You,

Rich Williamson

September 06, 2011 by Richard Williamson in Mason, OH

"I just worked with Rick AGAIN on a custom Haywire Tele-Blaster and I am 110% satisfied with the results. The guitar looks like an early 50’s pawnshop prize maple neck Telecaster with a Duncan Little ’59 at the top loading bridge with a Gibson P-100 soap bar at the neck. Imagine grafting the sound of the meanest Les Paul with a smooth old jazz box in a Tele body. That’s my new baby. This is the second custom project that I've done with Rick and he’s outdone himself this time. The action, the fit, the intonation are all superior. I’m proud to play these guitars in public and spread the word of Haywire to anyone who will listen. Thanks a million Rick."

August 16, 2011 by David Cline in Saginaw, MI

I have been around musicians throughout my life and have always been an admirer of fine instruments. A personalized guitar has been something I have thought about and wanted. I contacted Rick and he made that possible. Rick asked what I wanted and sent pictures and detailed statistics and made a beautiful guitar for me on my terms. I know that the guitar he made custom for me will only grow in value. After buying this guitar I will not ever need another stratocaster!

April 27, 2011 by Howard Kennedy in Douglas, GA

Since the late sixties I have owned and traded a many precious guitars. As for play-ability I could never have one guitar that satisfied me with all the needs I had. My Tele has great action but I miss the full sound of humbuckers, the LesPaul custom plays great but I sometimes miss that twangy sound of a fender. When I saw this guitar on Haywire web site, it was exactly what I was looking for. The few I found and was ready to purchase where in the $2600 -$3000 range. When Rick sent me the details on this baby I did not need to think twice. I have had it for 3 days now and logged over 20 hours on it already;-) Love the neck action, I love the rich variation of sounds i am getting from this guitar. I'm Still discovering more possibilities with it. This is only guitar one needs to take to a gig. Does it all. It can't beat. It's light weight  and comfortable even after several hours. I am lucky to have discovered Haywire guitars and this certainly will not be my last purchase from them.

February 25, 2011 by Shaw Entekhabi in Lincoln, NH


I wasn't sure if I should buy a guitar with the name Haywire on the head-stock...it wasn't a "real" name-brand guitar...BUT, after comparing MANY name-brand & custom-made guitars AND very careful consideration, I decided to give Haywire a chance...

first off, the guitars look amazing & the prices are low...I was very skeptical...I've been playing for decades & never bought a guitar without playing it, but these guitars jumped out at me...

first I thought Haywire SG (beautiful) & then a knock-out vanilla Strat & then an shiny silver Strat & back again...I couldn't decide which one...this is where Rick Mariner of Haywire came in...he's caring, knowledgeable & EXTREMELY patient...I bought the vanilla Strat, changed my mind & wanted the silver one...I eventually bought a natural SRV Strat that I wasn't even thinking of buying...I LOVE IT! the workmanship is fantastic & it plays like a dream...it came set up perfectly ...a truly beautiful guitar....

I couldn't be happier & Rick was great!

January 08, 2011 by Jerald Wolf in Huntington Station, NY

Playing guitar for over 40 years, I`ve had the good fortune to play many instruments. My new Haywire guitar is special. Components are upgraded, the finish is flawless, the guitar sounds great and plays better than anything I've owned or tried in the past. This set-up is exceptional, as a matter of fact its so easy to play that you have to get used to it.

Its that good. Contact with Haywire is always within 24 hours and productive. The instrument is a sunburst American Standard Strat. The neck and center pick-ups are vintage with a SD humbucker in the bridge position. Yes he did a custom install to get me the sound I was looking for. That`s Haywire for you. The price was so reasonable I never expected to get the quality instrument and the quality set-up I actually received. There nothing else out there that can touch a Haywire. I know there are more Haywire guitar purchases in my future. Do your self a favor and play one. You`ll write a review just like mine.

Thanks Rick,


August 29, 2010 by Rolf Laurin in Greenacres, WA

Haywire Thin Telecaster- I bought mine used..if you can call it that, it is absolutely beautiful...I was blown away..it looks NEW. Thin body (about strat thickness) Black with black pearloid pick-guard, Birdseye maple neck and fret-board. It by far is the best playing guitar I have played, and own another Tele, a Strat, and a Les Paul to compare it to. Rick is a very talented guy, and is the "Definition" of customer service. I will be a repeat customer. Mine is a true CUSTOM guitar. My hat is off to ya Rick you did a great job.

May 09, 2010 by George Waltman in Coffeeville, AL

I recently recieved my new creation by Rick Mariner at Haywire Custom Shop. "The Violater" is an incredibly built Stratocaster. In this particular guitar I asked Rick to install a super distortion pickup made by DiMarzio in the bridge position. It also has a YJM single coil in the middle and an Eric Johnson Humbucker in the neck position.

This guitar is excellent for hard rock / metal. Being a Stratocaster is also just as great for blues and any other types of music that you might be into playing. Instead of just a volume post I had Rick install two tone controls as a traditional Strat would have.

The hardware is finished in gold and comes with a Floyd Rose Tremelo system. I also had a locking nut installed to keep the guitar in tune while Divebombing the trem. The body is finished in Charcoal Frost & the neck is vintage shaped, Flame Maple custom piece w/ an Ebony fret-board with block inlays. This guitar is my 2nd Custom Built from Haywire within 6 Mos. Haywire builds an excellent guitar!!!

September 01, 2009 by Tom Perlongo in Milwaukee, WI

I wanted to take a few moments & tell you that I really appreciate your skill & craftsmanship as a guitar builder . Your guitars are quite simply the best I have ever played. Every time I take one to a jam or gig I get compliments all night long on the great tone as well as the stunning looks of the instruments you built for me. They are a joy to play & are exactly the way I want them to be. I will be a customer for life.  

August 27, 2008 by Carl E. Sperry, Jr. in Little River, SC

As a professional musician, I felt fortunate to discover Rick Mariner after I moved from Nashville to South Carolina. I was so impressed with the craftsmanship and sound of Haywire guitars, I used them almost exclusively on my last recording project. After playing a Haywire guitar in the studio, one of my session men ordered a customized one for himself. No big sales pitch was necessary. When you see and hear a Haywire, you'll know why.

Wendell Matthews • Singer/Songwriter • Murrells Inlet. SC • www.myspace.com/wendellmatthews

August 26, 2008 by Wendell Matthews, Myrtle Beach, SC


I bought a midnight blue Telestrater from Haywire last year, and it is truly the most magnificent guitar i have ever looked at and played! it is a true beauty in the full sense of the word.I have never played a guitar with pickups with such a rapid response and such great clean tone. Both with and without distortion it sounds great. I am also extremely pleased with the neck, it makes it so

much easier to move my fingers around and it has an incredibly good feel to it.

Now that this is said, I really couldn't tell you enough how impressed I am in regards to your work. I have looked through your website and at the other guitars you have and I can clearly tell the difference in terms of quality and play-ability compared to guitars you find in a regular music store, it is really great. so keep on going!


Tommy Berntzen-tommy.ub@live.no

Custom Humbucker Tele

I play guitar professionally around New Orleans and tour. Rick Mariner built a custom tele for me in Dec 2011. On phone we were able to identify all of the details I wanted in the guitar. Rick did a great job of communicating and then delivering on what we discussed. And fast. The result is a beautiful natural alder tele with a Warmouth compound radius neck (never had one of those before, it is great) and a humbucker at neck and "hot-rail" humbucker at bridge. The guitar was set up lower than I actually needed so I raised action. Intonation and other adjustments were perfect. I've gone thru a LOT of guitars and this one should be the last one for me, except maybe a spare just like it. I play mostly in a trio format so I like the thicker sound of a humbucker tele, but I still can get that tele "twang" if I want to. Sustain is enormous, the tones are articulate and I guess the guitar just has what I would call "Presence." Thank you, Rick.

Pete Novelli, New Orleans, LA

I got the guitar yesterday and yes she's a beauty. I love it. The guitar is everything I hoped it would be, the set up is perfect. Thank you for the phone calls and friendly conversation. You need to be complimented on your customer service and for assuring that everything was as I desired. My satisfaction with doing business with you is complete. I look forward to purchasing one of your custom builds in the future. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

John Adams

March 21, 2013

Hello, Rick,

Sorry for my late review. I've come back to the US today and received my Tele without any damage or problem. Let me say "PERFECT TELE" I've ever played. I really love the shaped neck and overall the balance of play-ability is really amazing. 6100 fret, 24 fret neck thinner neck, American bridge, and Seymour Duncans! I can say these are in perfect balance. Just played 2 hours and It's so nice and comfortable. I can never part with my Tele.

Takehiko Muto - Englewood, NJ

I purchased a guitar from Haywire in 2016 and man it’s got to be one of my best guitars going forward. I especially love the way it sustains the treble volume when the volume knob is brought down to any number 3-10. This is awesome option to have if you play blues or SRV music. Must have! The neck action is comfortable from the first fret through the 21st. I mean low action all the way through. Finally, the 6th and 7th toggle switch adds to all the other wonderful sound this guitar makes. I give it 5 stars ***** and, Rick from Haywire is a very friendly and professional guy. Very guitar smart as it relates to sound and set up. Sincerely very happy Customer!

etraverzo, edwardonoche@att.net-MCKINNEY, TEXAS

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