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Yes, it's our idea, we have been employing it for years! In 1981 Haywire Custom Shop discovered it was easier and more comfortable to play high notes with this feature. We simply move the Crest of the heel down approximately 7/8" further into the guitar body which allows more articulate Pro playing. We do it right-for you.

You need the Haywire Recessed Heel Crest option when you're playing at the higher end of the neck past the 12th fret and the bulky heel crest wood blocks your hand. It's especially critical for those players that play more notes high on the neck! Explore more of your guitar. When your fingers can reach more strings and frets, new ideas will open up for you. An original Haywire innovation.

Improved hand access

Faster playing and more room on the neck

Easier and smoother note bending

Less stress on fingering hand

Cleaner, clearer notes

More responsive hand-tapping

Easier sweep arpeggios

Better trills and hammer-ons

Quicker pull-offs

You'll have "TOTAL ACCESS" to the neck with our Special "Recessed Heel Crest" modification. A Haywire Recessed Heel Joint Option will let you fly all the way up the entire neck with no road blocks to your playing. You will no longer have to alter your technique to continue playing farther up the neck to reach the high notes. We do it right. The way it should be done!

Option Cost: $65 and available only on guitars with bolt-on necks.

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Haywire Custom Shop Original Recessed Heel Crest Option