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21, 22, and 24 fret necks:  $135.00 plus shipping

Bolt On neck style

All necks are sold with tuners.

Available in either all Maple or Maple with Rosewood fretboards.

Additional Features:

Finish: Fully Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer

Dot position markers (including sides)

Nickel silver frets

Head Stock Adjustable-Guitar Neck Truss Rod

Pre-slotted and fitted nut

1-11/16" String Nut: added-free of charge

Peg holes: 25/64" (9.92 mm) Tuner Holes

Heel thickness: 1"

1st fret the depth is-.848" thickness

12th fret the depth is-.922 thickness

Radius: 12”

Custom premium necks are also available from $295-$875.  Call for pricing information, special woods, special profiles, custom frets and finishes.


We are not a Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Washburn, Wilkinson, Parker, Carvin, BC Rich USA, Jackson, PRS, or Ernie Ball dealer nor are we affiliated with any of these companies.


It takes skill, and not co-incidence, to properly install a neck on a guitar.  If you are planning to install a guitar neck, you must be ready to make the necessary adjustments to make your neck and body fit together correctly, otherwise, you will not experience a successful project. If you know what you're doing this is easy. If you feel that you might not have the skill in working with wood or guitar modifications, please don't feel bad! Instead, send us your guitar body with your favorite strings and we will mount the neck on it for you for just $45.00 plus return shipping.

Haywire Custom Guitars cannot be responsible for work that is not done in our custom shop.

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