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This Fatcaster features a Warmoth Pro compound radius neck with the special Eric Clapton V-neck profile, a powerful humbucker in the bridge position, along with exclusive Haywire wiring options to give this instrument a personality of it's very own.

We start with a Lollar Imperial Humbucker, one of our favorite pickups ever, in the bridge position for some super fat tones, and it's complimented by Lollar Vintage Tweed pickups in the middle and neck position. We've also included Haywire Coil Tap Circuitry to transform that humbucker into a single coil pickup for when you want to get that Nashville twang into the mix. Haywire also adds their exclusive "Seven Sound Pickup Modification" to this guitar, which gives you the two additional tonal combinations of the neck and bridge pickup together or all three pickups together. These features are complimented by our own Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit that allows your shimmering highs to come through loud and clear no matter where your volume is set at any given time.

Your intonation is going to stay rock solid, thanks to the six saddle bridge, with the added sustain and comfortable feel of the quality Warmoth neck.  Like all Haywire Signature Guitars, this neck includes the Haywire Heel Crest Option, which reduces the bulky heelcrest wood that blocks your hand and making it so much easier for you to navigate the very top portion of your neck. For The Fatcaster, we've chosen the Maple standard thin profile neck with 10-16" Compound Radius Neck featuring 1-5/8" Corian or Graphtech computer cut nut. The neck is available with either Maple or Rosewood fret boards and comes loaded with Stainless steel frets for ultra long life and silky smooth bends.

As with all Haywire Signature Guitars, each Fatcaster is built to the individual customer's specifications with unlimited custom wiring choices and component selections to further tweak this guitar into an instrument that is uniquely your own.


Lollar “Imperial” humbucker in the bridge position

Coil Tap switch

Haywire treble bleed circuitry

Haywire seven Sound Pickup Modification

Clapton V-neck profile Warmoth Pro neck

Maple or Rosewood fret board with any radius you need

Stainless steel frets

Hard shell case included

Free world wide shipping


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