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Has your guitar become a little difficult to play sometimes?  Does it sound,"out of tune"?  Are the strings too high off the neck?  Is the neck warped or bowed?  Are the tuning gears difficult to turn?  Are moving parts rusty?  It could be that your guitar needs a tune up!

A hard to play guitar could be a roadblock to your success as a musician, so if you want your guitar to play better and faster, let Haywire prep your guitar with our " 8 Point Gig Ready Process".

It's like getting it ready for the Grand Prix!  This is the same process that we perform on all of our new instruments, and it will put your “baby” back in shape, and allow you to play fast and in tune up and down the fret board like never before!

Bring your guitar back from the dead with a well-deserved tune up from Haywire Custom Guitars!  This includes cleaning the electronics,  the fret board,  tightening any loose hardware,  adding the proper washers to the input jack and tightening it to make sure it stays tight,  re-stringing, adjusting the truss rod, cleaning and adjusting nut slots,  set string height and intonation!  See our whole process below.  Please feel free to inquire about how we can help you be a better player!

Haywire 8-Point Gig-Ready Process

Point 1:  4-axis alignment of the guitar neck

Each guitar neck is checked and adjusted to be sure it is true and straight to ensure proper alignment on all axis. This step ensures proper action and allows for more accurate and easier guitar tuning, playing and set-up in the following steps.

Point 2:   Inspect and lube the guitar tuning gears

Before installing the guitar tuning gears, each one is checked thoroughly. Each tuning gear is adjusted so that there is no play in the mechanism. They are then lubricated to insure smooth and even movement to make your guitar tune accurately.

Point 3:  Potting the guitar pickups

We dip the pickups in hot wax to reduce squeal and unwanted guitar feedback.

Point 4:  Prep the guitar body

Upon installing the guitar electronic components, great care is taken to ensure that all wires are properly routed, spaced, and grounded to ensure years of trouble free service with your guitar.

Point 5:   Level and polish the frets

This insures that all of the guitar frets are level, eliminating any possibility of fret buzz due to unevenness.

Point 6:  Radius the guitar strings

Most guitar necks have a contour over the top of the neck called the radius. We adjust the strings to make sure the height of each string follows the contour of the guitar neck radius.

Point 7:  Adjusting the overall guitar string height and the action

Once we set the contour and radius of the guitar strings, it’s time to adjust the overall height of the strings from the top of the frets to the bottom of the guitar strings.

Point 8:  Set the guitar intonation

This step is done twice. The intonation is set two times with a 24 hour "seat-in" period in between to allow the guitar to properly re-seat to the new adjustments.

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